And now, back to our regularly-scheduled program

Just wanted to post a quick note to you all, reassuring you that yes, is still alive, and I’m starting up again with new posts— tips, workarounds, news, answers to user’s questions, the whole shebang.

My sincere apologies for neglecting this site in the past few months. Here’s what I replied to one of InCopySecrets’s fans who recently e-mailed me asking what’s up:

Yes, it’s still alive! This whole summer for me has been one huge client project after another, and everything else fell to the wayside (my posts on InDesignSecrets, my DesignGeek ezine, the updating of my own web site, my column … and my new baby blog, IC Secrets.)

Most of the huge projects are almost done and I’ve hired a couple new people who are just getting up to speed so I’ll be able to offload some tasks to them. Now I am doing my best to shore up neglected things, and IC Secrets is #1.

I hope you can take heart in the fact that many of the projects I referred to in my reply are directly related to Adobe InCopy. Training, writing, CS4 documentation, video tutorials, even working with plug-in developers to come up with some solutions to missing features in the off-the-shelf InCopy/InDesign workflow. (What I like to call the “commando” workflow—sans K4 or Smart Connection, just using what comes in the box.)

I’ll be writing about all of these projects in upcoming posts, but most especially, I’ll be writing about you, and the innovative ways you’re all making the workflow work at your own publications.

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