Beware of this InCopy bug!

While doing InCopy training for a group of editors recently, I ran across a nasty bug in InCopy CS6 and InDesign CS6. This bug doesn’t seem to exist in InCopy/InDesign CC (vs.
When you create a new document in InDesign CS6, you can choose a “intent” in the New Document dialog box. The Digital Publishing intent is often used for creating article content for Adobe Digital Publishing Suite.

Screen Shot 2015-01-24 at 3.17.34 PM

The Problem

If you choose the Digital Publishing or Web intent, this makes InCopy CS6 crash when you use the “Package” workflow. Specifically, you will be able to create InCopy Stories and Assignments, and edit those with InCopy without a problem. And you will be able to choose “Package for InCopy” from the Assignments panel menu and generate a .icap file successfully. However when an InCopy CS6 user tries to open the .icap file, InCopy will crash.

The workaround? Open the InDesign file, choose File > New Document, and change the Intent to Print. This will change the page size to Letter, but you can change it back to the original Width and Height (be sure to include “px” after your measurements to specify pixels). You may also want to choose Edit > Transparency Blend Space > Document RGB to put the transparency blend space back to what it was, and change your measurement system back to pixels. Unfortunately, changing the intent to Print will change any RGB swatches to CMYK, which may cause a color shift. If so, you will need to edit each swatch and change it back to its original RGB color values.

Editors Update

As Keith was writing this article, Adobe announced the February 2015 release of Adobe InDesign CC. As part of this release, they also updated InDesign CS6 that fixed the bug outlined in Keith’s article above. This update however only applies to users who purchased InDesign CS6 as part of the Creative Cloud subscription. If you purchased InDesign CS6 as a perpetual license (boxed or as a download), you’ll still need to take advantage of Keith’s workaround above.

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