Discount Code for “Editing in InCopy” Webinar

Copyediting magazine has asked me to present a 60-minute live webinar (plus an optional 30 minutes for Q&A) to its subscribers and interested attendees on Adobe InCopy. The session is this coming Tuesday [will be rescheduled due to technical difficulties! Oh those pesky computers. I’ll announce the new date(s) here when they’re confirmed] but I was recently able to wrangle a discount code from them so I thought I should broadcast the news.

I’m assuming most people visiting this blog are already using InCopy, but maybe not, or maybe you have a colleague who’s still suffering under the yoke of paper mark-up and would appreciate the info I’ll be presenting. Please send them this URL.

Editing in InCopy, a 60-minute interactive webinar

  • New date/time to be announced shortly (likely end of March/early April)
  • You just need a web browser and an Internet connection to attend.
  • Details/registration at the Copyediting webinar page
  • Discount code: Please enter the word “GEEKNESS” in the field marked “Promo Code” on the registration form, or call McMurry (the publisher) at 888-0303-2373, to register at the special rate of $179 (a $50 savings) per dial-in site. The regular price, $229, will be reflected on your online receipt, but your card will be charged the lower rate.

I’m aiming the content at editors and writers (as opposed to designers), to introduce them to InCopy and the InCopy/InDesign workflow and how IC compares and can work with Word.  About 1/3 the presentation will be me explaining how it works via slides and purty pictures,  1/3 will be me showing it “live” by sharing my screen while I take a pub through InDesign and InCopy and back again, and 1/3 will be for Q&A. from the audience.

Participants will receive a PDF handout of the slides/key points afterwards.

2 Responses to “Discount Code for “Editing in InCopy” Webinar”

  1. Cynthia Jordan says:

    Is it possible to use InCopy with SharePoint? I’m not sure if we put the folders etxc in SharePoint if the network can ping the documents for status.

  2. Maria says:

    this is a really great site, thanks for the great info. I am going to keep reading more of your stuff

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