Full speed ahead!

Greetings everyone! I’m happy, excited, and honored, to announce that InCopySecrets is up and running again after a not-so-brief hiatus. I’m happy because the InCopySecrets web site that contains articles and contributions from users all over the world has returned. Nice! I’m excited because now that InCopySecrets is back up and running, there’s going to be some great new content covering new features and techniques to help everyone to do their job even better. Now that InCopy is part of the Adobe Creative Cloud, it is readily available to a whole new group of users that InCopySecrets is able to serve! And finally, I’m honored because I am the new Managing Editor for InCopySecrets!

About Me

Chad CheliusLet me introduce myself. My name is Chad Chelius. I’m an Adobe Certified Instructor and although a large portion of my work is as a trainer, I use Adobe products each and every day. I help companies both big and small to implement and use InCopy, InDesign and other Adobe applications to work faster, smarter, and more efficiently in their everyday workflows. After graduating college in the early 90’s, I began working in the print industry as a layout artist. It was the infancy of desktop publishing at the time and it turned printing as we knew it upside down. After doing that for 12 years, I decided to move into the training field where I could share my skills and experience with other users in areas such as print, web and video as well. In 2009 I began working for myself so I could pursue various training and project opportunities and as it turns out InCopySecrets is one of them! You can learn more about me here.


I’ve worked with David and Anne-Marie for some time now and when they asked me to become the Managing Editor for InCopySecrets, I was thrilled to say the least. The idea of being able to write about InCopy and share my knowledge as well as  learn new tips from the many users who visit InCopySecrets each day makes me giddy 😉 Make no mistake, Anne-Marie is in no way out of the picture. She’ll continue to be seen commenting and posting on InCopySecrets from time to time, but the day to day posting and monitoring will fall primarily on my shoulders and I’m very much looking forward to it!

We’re looking for contributors!

What I love about InCopy is that there’s no single way to use this amazing program and everyone uses it in different ways. Out users (you), make up a diverse group of users from different industries and workflows. So we want to know your tips and tricks for making the most out of Adobe InCopy. Many of you will contribute by commenting on existing posts, but if you have more to share we’d love to have you write guest posts occasionally to share your wisdom and experience on InCopySecrets.com. If you are interested in contributing in this way, contact me.

I look forward to seeing fresh new activity on the InCopySecrets web site and look forward to hearing from all of you soon!



5 Responses to “Full speed ahead!”

  1. Anne-Marie says:

    Chad, I’m so happy you’re on board. There is very little support around for InCopy/InDesign workflow users, as you know, and the main reason I started this blog so many moons ago. This is going to be great!

  2. Chad Chad says:

    Thanks for having me Anne-Marie! Thrilled to be here!

  3. Bob Levine says:

    Two pieces of great news. InCopy Secrets is back and Chad’s at the helm!

  4. Welcome Chad! So excited that InCopySecrets is flowing again 🙂

  5. Chad Chad says:

    Thanks Bob and Andrea!

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