Huge Yellow Tool Tips Bugging You?

When you’re in InCopy’s Layout view, or anywhere in InDesign’s main view, the programs insist on displaying huge yellow boxes with tiny text whenever you hover your cursor over a managed workflow story or image. The text says, “You are currently editing “feature story-Once there.incx”” or “X Story is available for anyone to edit” or the really obnoxious ones say, “Fran is currently editing blah blah.incx in Adobe InCopy from [this horribly/long path/that goes on/and on/six lines deep/like we care/]…”

You can try changing the screen mode to Preview, or hiding frame edges, and those pesky suckers remain.

If you just … can’t … take it … anymore, guess what? You can turn them off!

Go to the Interface section of the Preferences dialog box (under the InDesign or InCopy menu on Macs, or from the Edit menu on Windows) and in the Tool Tip area, change the dropdown to “None.”

Ah, blessed relief. No more yellow boxes! You’ll still be able to tell the status of the workflow stories by the icons on their frames; or if you’ve hidden frames (View > Hide Frame Edges), from their icons in the Assignments panel.

The only useful information you’ll truly lose in Layout view is the name of the person who currently has a story checked out. All you see is the pencil with the red slash icon. InDesign users will have to live with that (or they can turn Tool Tips back on from Preferences), but InCopy users can just quickly switch to Galley or Story view. In those views, the grey Story bars have the same information as the tool tips in Layout view.

4 Responses to “Huge Yellow Tool Tips Bugging You?”

  1. omega says:

    where can i get the latest layouts? my friend tell me in this website??

  2. Frustrated editor says:

    THANK YOU. This has been bugging me for months. Thank you so, so, so, so much. I’m starting to hate incopy a bit less now that I’m picking up on its secrets.

  3. Chad Chelius Chad Chelius says:

    Glad you enjoyed it Frustrated 😉 I’m curious what you hate so much about InCopy. Feel free to share it in another post or if you’d like to share with me privately, send an e-mail to Our goal is to make using InCopy easier. Help us help you!

  4. A K says:

    InDesign CC> Preferences > Interface > Cursor and Gesture Options > Tool Tips > None

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