InCopy CS4 Gets 4 Stars from Macworld Magazine

It’s always a welcome surprise to read about InCopy in a trade magazine, especially when you can tell the author actually uses the program (as opposed to recasting a press release as an article). (As if Adobe ever writes press releases about InCopy.)

Such is the case with Macworld magazine’s review of Adobe InCopy CS4, just published on their web site. Reviewer Sally Zahner is the assistant managing editor at the magazine. Macworld themselves moved to an InDesign/InCopy workflow earlier this year, so Sally’s excitement over being able to track changes in table text rings true. As does her disappointment that Adobe didn’t add any new Notes-related features (other than the ability to embed them in tables) to CS4, among other still-missing enhancements she says she’s been pining for. We’re with you, Sally!

These frustrations aside, she was upbeat about the new version, expounding on how useful the redesigned Links panel and conditional text features will be for editors and publishers.

(Full disclosure, I was the technical editor for this review. However, Macworld tech editors are limited to pointing up factual errors or overlooked major features in reviews and have no sway over mouse ratings or anything else.)

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  1. Brett Kizner says:


    I share the enthusiasm for this next version. There are definitely some features that the market has been clamoring for. I expect that we will see wide implementation of the new features across the different verticals and am very excited to begin working with my customers to take advantage of the new features.


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