InCopy CS5 Workflow White Paper Now Available

Have you been to the InCopy product page on lately? If so you’ll note that they just posted a 20-page white paper explaining how the basic InCopy and InDesign workflow happens, updated for CS5:


(Click the cover image to download the 3.3 MB PDF, or go to the InCopy product page and download it there. It will be in the Resources section.)

“Adobe InCopy CS5 and InDesign CS5 Collaborative Editorial Workflow” (what a mouthful, huh?) is the third such white paper I’ve written for Adobe. It’s not a Reviewer’s Guide (like the CS4 paper was); it’s more of a general, take-you-by-your-hand approach to how editors and designers actually use the software. In that way, it’s very similar to the CS3 white paper. In fact, we received permission from the same good people at Chicago Wilderness magazine that we used in the CS3 paper to use their content for the screen shots in the CS5 version.

If you know of someone who’s mulling over moving to InCopy; or you want something that new hires can read to give them an idea about how your company’s design and editorial departments work together, have them read this paper. (And if they have any questions, they can post them here!) 😉

3 Responses to “InCopy CS5 Workflow White Paper Now Available”

  1. Rob says:

    Adobe’s website still links to the CS3 workflow PDF.

  2. sprale says:

    Has the been an updated white paper for InCopy CS6?

  3. Chad Chelius Chad Chelius says:

    I was only able to find the CS5 workflow guide which is actually on the CS6 page. It doesn’t look like they’ve update it to CS6. Here’s the link

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