InCopySecrets Update

Hi everyone,

I thought it was appropriate to add a post to let people know — if you haven’t been able to tell from the dates on the posts here — that this blog has gone on sabbatical for the time being. There have simply been too many demands on my time, and other blogs that I write for (, mostly), that I haven’t been able to post here as regularly as I used to.  I’ll leave all the blog posts up (though I’ve turned off comments) because most of them are still quite useful for anyone using InCopy, even the latest version from Adobe.

I’m still very much involved in the InCopy and InDesign workflow, however, and continue to do consulting, training and workflow implementations for clients large and small around the country. In fact, we use InCopy daily at my design/publishing studio, via Dropbox, with remote writers and editors, and multiple versions of InDesign. I also monitor Twitter for InCopy mentions (follow me @amarie), and the InCopy forums on, and jump in with helpful advice when I can.

If you have a problem or question about InCopy or how InDesign works with InCopy, I’m happy to help you out. Just email me directly at amarie |at| If you’re looking for a trainer or implementation help, contact me and I can provide a referral to someone or talk to you myself, whichever you prefer. I would also suggest you subscribe to the mailing list (even if you’re just an InCopy user) to keep in touch with any InCopy-related news or events that I may be announcing.

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