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  1. Hi,

    We find Adobe InCopy very effective for our editors in editing article text for our magazines. However, we find it only usable with the Crosstalk plug in which effectively removes the complexities of assignments and the check in/check out process. We can’t work without it as it makes the whole process so much more complex and time-consuming when we don’t need the workflow benefits that it brings.

    However, the last Crosstalk update was for CC and since their website hasn’t been updated since July 2015 I fear that this will no longer be an option for us which puts us our 15 InCopy users in danger of going back to manual editing.

    My two questions are; does anyone know of an alternative plug-in to Crosstalk or (preferably) can a simple version of InCopy be used without assignments and checking in/out, etc.?

    I appreciate any help.

    Peter Watkinson
    KHL Group

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